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Health Safeguarded

  • Teachers First Aid Certified

    First Aid is everyone's responsibility, that is why we train all our teachers and staff to do what is needed and right. 

  • Dedicated School Employed Cleaning Team

    Here at SPM we recruit and employ our cleaning staff who do a fantastic job of keeping our grounds and building in the best possible condition.

  • General Cleaning

    On a daily basis, our cleaning team cleans, maintains and ensures a high standard of sanitation throughout the whole school including both campuses. Floors are swept and mopped, tables are cleared and cleaned, canteen areas are swept and disinfected, hallways are cleaned and cleared of obstacles, the carparks and garden areas are cleared of leaves and cultivated, gym areas and equipment is cleared and restored to the allocated places. This is an ongoing process every school day.

  • Clean Toilets within Each Class

    We have toilets in all our classrooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. The cleaning staff have a fixed schedule to check and clean the toilets every day, mornings, snack times, lunchtimes and after class dismissal. Outside each class toilets is a sink with a liquid soap dispenser and paper disposable hand towels. 

  • Regular Air-Conditioning Servicing

    We have multiple airconditioning units in every classroom which undergoes 2 cleaning cycles. Our internal team cleans airconditioning filters on a monthly basis and an external vendor provides a deep clean and freon replacement service every 6 months. 

  • Drinking Dispensers

    We only use Danone Aqua  in all of our water dispensers which are located in classrooms and public areas. The individual dispensers are replaced on a yearly basis. We encourage children to bring their own drinking bottles and monitor their drinking habits every day. 

  • Classroom Equipment

    Within the Kindergarten department, all toys and teaching aids are disinfected and cleaned on a bi-weekly basis. Moreover, mats are disinfected and scrubbed on a weekly basis. All other school departments equipment is cleaned on a daily basis in the classrooms.

  • Regular Pest Control Operations

    Pest control is carried out on a weekly basis with external areas using a fogging process and internal areas using a misting process. This is carried out at the weekends to ensure classtime is utilized to the full. 

    Termite control is also carried out on an ongoing basis and equipment is renewed on a monthly basis.

  • High Canteen Standards

    Healthy, Delicious and Clean. Our teachers and staff also order from the same canteen so we are constantly checking for quality and menu variety.

    No MSG is allowed to be used and all foodstuff has to be fresh that day and used the same day.

  • Sick Bay

    Not feeling well? Let's call Mum and Dad and let them know. In the meantime have a little rest in the sick bay.

    Monthly stock checks are carried out by our team to ensure that our UKS has what we need when we want it.

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