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University Preparation & Pathway

Starting in Junior High School, our students are actively engaged in university preparation to an every growing extent until graduation. Our objective is that every student clearly develops their End in Mind goals and we support and stretch them achieve those goals.

1. Talent & Interest Assessment

Starting in Grade 9 we initiate our students' career exploration journey that leads on to Grade 10 where we assist our students to develop a greater understanding of where their strengths and passions rest. We invest 1 full day for every student to undergo testing with a Psychologist looking at 4 specific areas. 1. General Abilities 2. Working Profile 3. Personality Profile 4. Interests. This builds a pathway for students, parents and our education team to expand their End in Mind goals for each and every student.

Pathway Development

2. Counseling Program

Within each class

Personal Development is a class within our syllabus and here we introduce our Career Planning Journal which enables our students not only to set their end goal, however, to break that process down into prioritized steps. Again the focus is firmly placed on the students are equipped with time and support to plan their future. 

Within Each Individual

Our qualified counsellor operates an open door policy for all our students. Furthermore, as students reach the higher levels of Sr. High School mandatory individual counselling is undertaken with each student to ensure they are meeting their milestones for University entrance. This allows for regular feedback and any issues to be addressed well ahead of time. 

3. International University Information Sessions

It is not always possible for our students to visit foreign universities, therefore, we regularly invite foreign Universities to come to us. We have a University information sessions which aid to increase student knowledge of different opportunities and scholarship programmes. Moreover, we welcome country representatives to share educational opportunities from their country. Both students and parents are welcomed at these events.

4. Local University Visits

We, as a school and our students, are very fortunate to be invited by prestigious local Universities to attend workshops and knowledge value-adding events that they hold throughout the academic year. This allows our students to both broaden their knowledge and also get a deeper insight into university life.

Some of the Universities both local and abroad that we work with.

Our Alumni

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