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SPM swoops swag of awards at Medan World Scholar’s Cup

On January 16th-17th, 2018, ten grade 7 and 8 SPM students successfully competed for the first time in the Medan Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup.

The team won a combined total of seventy-six medals in individual and group categories and received six gold, four silver and four bronze trophies. The SPM students were the most successful of the approximately two-hundred students, winning first, second and third for the best junior teams.

Ilona Pasha was the most successful student of the group as she was awarded the Best Scholar, Best Debater, and Best Writer. Ilona was also a part of the Best Debate Team and the Best School Team. Denzel Jordan was the most decorated junior, winning eleven medals. Dior Joanne Ivanka, Denzel Jordan’s sister, was also highly decorated with ten medals from across a range of categories.

The other students also all received an impressive number of medals. These students were Elizabeth, Caitlin, Renee, Nichelle, Metasha, Annete and Attara (who partnered with a senior team and successfully competed against much older opponents).

Jason Pringle, SPM’s English teacher, coached the students for one week before the competition. During their preparation for the event, the study material was globally released to the public by the World Scholar’s Cup organisers; this makes their achievement even more remarkable.

The Medan Regional Round was the first World Scholar’s Cup event for the year 2018.

All of the SPM World Scholar’s Cup entrants are now eligible to attend one of the Global Round which are being held this year in Melbourne, Australia; Barcelona, Spain; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Should they be successful in one of these rounds, they will enter the final stage of the competition – the Tournament of Champions in Yale University, Connecticut, USA.

SPM congratulates Jason Pringle and the team on a wonderful result and looks forward to their future success.

Our Amazing Team

Scholar's Bowl

Senior Division/Senior Trophy: 3rd Place with Sekolah Kharisma Bangsa- Attara

Debate Champions

24th – Elizabeth 

18th Metasha

16th – Nichelle

14th – Livia

9th - Dior

8th - Caitlin

5th-  Jordan

3rd - Renee

1st - Ilona

Writing Champions

30th - Elizabeth 

28th - Livia

26th - Nichelle

21st - Metasha

17th - Caitlin

14th - Jordan

7th - Renee

1st - Ilona

Challenge Awards

Social Studies: Jordan

Science: Dior

All Subjects: Jordan

Challenge Arts-Junior Honor Medals: Jordan

Challenge Arts- Senior honor Medals: Attara

Challenge Social Studies: Senior Honor Medals: Attara

Challenge History: Junior Honor Medal: Nichelle

Challenge Science: Junior Honor Medal: Jordan

Challenge Science: Senior honor Medal: Attara

Challenge Special Area Junior Honor Medal: Jordan, Dior

Challenge All Subjects Junior Medal: 4th Dior

Junior Trophy

 Top Debate Teams:

4th : Caitlin, Dior, Elizabeth

2nd: Nichelle, Jordan, Livia

1st: Ilona, Renee, Metasha


Top Writing Teams:

10th:Caitlin, Dior, Elizabeth

6th: Nichelle, Jordan, Livia

1st : Ilona, Renee, Metasha


Top Challenge Team:

2nd: Caitlin, Dior, Elizabeth

Senior Trophy

 Top Challenge:

Attara with Sekolah Kharisma bangsa


School Top Scholars:

Ilona (Junior), Attara (Senior)

Champion Scholars

25th - Metasha

19th - Elizabeth

16th - Nichelle

13th - Annete

9th - Dior

7th - Caitlin

5th - Renee

2nd - Denzel

1st - Ilona

Champion Team

Junior 3rd - Nichelle, Jordan, Annete

Junior 2nd - Caitlin, Dior, Elizabeth

Junior 1st - Ilona, Renee, Metasha

Senior 4th - Attara with Sekolah Karisma Bangsa

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