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Sr. High School Live In Program

Getting out of your comfort zone can be terrifying but give you a chance to explore yourself. This what our Senior students (Grades 10 to 12) experienced when they went out for a five day Live-In Program in Desa Argalingga, Majalengka, West Java.

Our students had to leave their routines and family and in that short time totally changed their environment. They had to adapt to stay with the local families in the village and got used to living the routines of the host family. Getting up in the morning and cleaning up the village gave them different morning activities than those they usually do in Jakarta. Eating local food, having a shower with cold and fresh water, helping their adopted families with everyday chores such as farming, tending the cattle, taking care of the plants are a few things they have to do for daily routine.



Giving their service to the community, they also visited local schools, helped teaching as well as cleaning and maintaining tidiness of the school. Conducting bazaar that can help local communities in access to items that they do not easily get in the village and giving a free entertainment in the village’s field by watching a movie together created excitement and practised students’ interaction skills with the local people.

While getting out of the routines, our students also learned to conduct primary research. They were divided into several groups and chose their topic of research. They learn how to interact to interview, get data from the local people, learn from them, compile and tabulate data and then write a report.

Overall, with this program, our students can raise their social awareness, learn from local wisdom, start a clean-up campaign and do a service to the community apart from appreciating the beautiful landscape of one region in our country.

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