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Welcome to SPM's Primary School.

As the first International Lighthouse School in the world outside of the USA, we are proud to welcome you to our homely and exciting school.

The students at our school are aimed to become lifelong learners who have integrity and respect to themselves, others and environment. Therefore the activities are designed to give the same opportunities and meaningful experiences to everyone.

Elementary level is the age where playing and learning come together as one. It is the time where children can explore, experience and learn new aspects of their surroundings in exciting ways. The Leader in Me program creates the chances for students to unleash their potential while Langford's quality tools train the students to be well organised and systematic in their thinking. By integrating this into our curriculum, we create young leaders who are not only intelligent but also care for others and the environment.

So parents, we humbly invite you and your children to come and experience our environment, where great things happen.

Ita Rajasa

Principal of Kindergarten & Primary
Tel: (021) 392-4384
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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