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Inspiring Your Child's Learning

  • Qualified Teachers

    Simple, all our teachers have to University qualified teachers. Moreover, they have to embrace a lifelong learning ethos while showing a real passion for teaching.

  • 2 Homeroom Teachers Per Class & Specialised Subject Teachers

    Each class has 2 fully qualified teachers who act on an equal basis as Homeroom Teachers. On top of that, there are also specialised subject teachers who move between all primary school classes as per the predefined schedule. That means we prioritize and maximize the attention our students get from our amazing teachers.

  • Warm Caring Environment

    Small is beautiful. We only have 2 classes per grade and this is the way we like it. This means we know all our students really well and you the parents also get to know and trust us at this vital stage of your child's development.

  • Native English Language Teacher

    Our expatriate English Teacher in Primary School brings English to life with fun, energy and a lot of songs. 

  • Reading Program

    A love of reading starts with a good reading habit. Every day, our lower primary students visit our school library where they get to select from the range of graded readers. It is Mum and Dad's job to bring these stories to life at home. The next morning in class students will share their stories with their friends. 

  • Music Classes

    Our multi-award winning music teacher has classes with your child to bring out their love and enthusiasm to sing and even have a little dance. Who knows you might even be encouraged to sing a home too.

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