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Ensuring Your Child's Safety

  • Full-Time Security Team

    24 Hours a day, 7 days a week our Security Team protects our family.

  • Locked Security Doors

    Only the predesignated fingerprints can gain entrance into the Parent and Student Only Zone.

  • Parent and Student Only Zone

    Drivers and nannies are not allowed to enter the school grounds (excluding the parking area, waiting area and reception). 

  • Strict Student Pickup Policy

    The simple answer is if we are in any doubt in connection with who is collecting your child we contact you the parents. If that means the pick up is delayed until we can confirm with you then so be it. Our priority is student safety and that is never sacrificed.

  • Fire & Earthquake Drills

    What should you go and where should you go in case of an emergency. We train our students from a young age and regularly practice drills in all our campuses.

  • Student Insurance

    We have you covered. When your child is at school we are making sure they are protected.

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