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Student Led Conferences

We demand that our students are active learners and active participants in their own education. An excellent way to achieve this is to put students at the helm, allowing each individual to set their targets, track their goals and demonstrate their achievements.

In the student-led conference format, students and teachers prepare together, and then students lead the conference while teachers facilitate.

students are responsible for their own success

Students develop the understanding that they are the start of their own ambitions and both parents and teachers are there to facilitate their goals. This establishes a deep 

Students are Conference Leaders

From the beginning of the school year, students compile their portfolios consistently and thoughtfully. A portfolio for a student-led conference typically includes an agenda for the conference, a compilation of the student’s work in the class, and usually goal sheets outlining academic and behavioural standards for them moving forward.

After assembling the portfolio, students maintain them in an organized fashion. Usually, students use self-evaluation checklists or learning surveys to determine their areas of strength and weakness and set learning goals. Students must resist the urge to show parents their very best work and provide them with a clear picture of their school year and progress. Most important, students clearly communicate their progress and learning processes with their parents.

Additionally, students advocate for themselves during the conference. If they feel that their parents could do more to help them, such as keeping younger siblings out of their rooms or study space during homework time, they can communicate this during the conference. Because student-led conferences are reflective by nature, students must be honest with themselves and their parents when reflecting on their grades, effort, and study habits. They also should set appropriate goals for the next grading period or semester.

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