Covid-19 Response

Dear SPM Community,

From the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak as a school, we have responded by educating our students, teachers and staff on the best practices of how to stay safe and healthy. Thank you everyone within the SPM community for working together for the benefit of our students.

As the situation develops we aim to keep you informed by updating the contents of this webpage. The sections are as follows:

SPM's Response Stages

Therefore the school will expand our current best practices to improve the health and safety from Kindergarten to Sr High School. As of today, SPM is operating in the Red stage and will continue to do until further notice.

  1. All school operations as per normal

Focus on Education & Heightened Hygiene

  1. School timetable as per normal
  2. Educate the SPM community hand washing
  3. Educate the SPM community coughing & sneezing proper etiquette
  4. Educate the SPM community to reduce close contact with others
  5. Temperature checked at all entrance points
  6. 37.5°C and above not allowed admittance / sent home (checked twice)
  7. Parents and Guests are not allowed entrance to school grounds (past access doors)
  8. Disinfectant hand wash at school entrances
  9. General cleaning/disinfecting of all surfaces daily
  10. SPM community members coughing sneezing repeatedly checked by SPM Nurse (sent home when deemed necessary)
  11. Fieldtrips cancelled

Focus on Limiting Interaction & Sterilization

  1. School timetable as per normal
  2. Frontline staff & security wear surgical masks as dealing with the public
  3. Disinfectant hand wash at multiple points around the school
  4. Assemblies cancelled/postponed
  5. Extracurriculars cancelled/postponed
  6. Workshops cancelled/postponed
  7. Internal and External Competitions cancelled/postponed
  8. Building facilities closed outside school hours
Red - Current Stage

Focus on Isolation

  1. School closed until further notice
  2. Students study from home
  3. Student work is shared online
  4. Staff and Teachers work from home
  5. No face to face meetings


(Updated 31 March 2020)

17th March - High School Selected Subjects Online

High School learning materials (selected subjects) are uploaded to support students sitting in the May/June 2020 IGCSE and AS Level exam series.

26th March - Gmail Details Distribution
  • Primary School - Student User Name & Password
  • High School - Students already have access to Gmail
30th March - Term 4 begins
  • Kindergarten - weekly email with guidance and learning materials
  • Primary and Junior-Senior High School - Google Classroom
Monday 20th April - Possible First Day Back to School

This will be revised depending on external conditions

Note to Parents

  • Our High School teachers have integrated online platforms in the classroom since 2018 such as Schoology, Kahoot, Google Drive.

  • Since January 2020, selected Senior High School Teachers teachers have started using Google Classroom as a transition from the previous Schoology platform.

Online Learning

30th March onwards


Weekly email with guidance and learning materials

Primary and Junior-Senior High School

More Details coming soon

Examinations Update

  • Ujian Nasional (Gr6 UUS, Gr9 UNBK, Gr12 UNBK) will not run in May/June 2020

  • Cambridge Progression Tests, Checkpoint Exams, IGCSE, AS/A Level exams will not run in May/June 2020

Updating Travel Rules

  • All SPM community members (Parents, Students, Teachers and Staff) are required to submit mandatory overseas travel declarations until the school returns to the Green Response Stage.

Your travel information will allow the school to support and facilitate absent students during the period of self-isolation. 

  • If an SPM student has returned home from overseas (outside of Indonesia) since the 20th Feb 2020, we kindly ask you to keep your child at home for a mandatory 14 days self-isolation.

  • If an SPM student family member has returned home from overseas (outside of Indonesia) since the 20th Feb 2020, the SPM student is allowed to attend school however we kindly ask the student to wear a surgical mask for a mandatory 14 day period.

SPM will provide study material for SPM students to do at home while they are self-isolating. These materials can be collected at school.

Best Practices

  • Self isolate if any doubt
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Reduce close contact with others
  • Clean/Disinfect surfaces
  • Regularly check temperature
  • Eliminate non-essential travel

*If you, your child or a family member has any signs of sickness (flu-like symptoms), we kindly ask you to respect others and keep your child at home and only return to school when your child has fully recovered.

Students who are found to have any flu-like symptoms will be sent home immediately.

Moreover, we are carrying out daily ongoing cleaning/disinfecting of all school areas. This cleaning/disinfecting encompasses hallways, classrooms, tables, toilets, playground equipment, canteen areas, IT labs, reception, Gyms, PE Equipment and so on. This cleaning/disinfecting process will be ongoing and routinely done.

SPM's commitment is to keep calm, educate our community, be consistent in health and hygiene and base actions on facts.

These are the steps the school is taking to educate and maintain the health and safety of all. If any member of the SPM community is in any doubt then the course of action is Best Practice No. 1 (Self isolate if any doubt).

Thank you for your continued support.

Your SPM Team