Welcome to SPM's Kindergarten.

We are proud of our students and school and would like to share more about ourselves with you.

You may ask -"Why should I choose SPM?" The most obvious answer to this is because you want the best for your child.


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Building Your Child's Character

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People / The Leader in Me / Leadership Roles / Wildly Important Goals / Assembly Leaders / Communication Note Book

Inspiring your Child's Learning

Qualified Teachers / 2 Homeroom Teachers Per Class / Warm Caring Environment / Native English Language Teacher / Crafted Kindergarten Syllabus / Reading Program / Music Classes / Art Classes / Drama Classes

Expanding your Child's Horizons

Extracurricular / Fieldtrips / Educational Toys / Playgrounds / Competitions / Spacious Classrooms / Reading Corner / Costume Corner / Bulan Bahasa / Regular School Library Visits

Safeguarding Your Child's Health

Teachers First Aid Certified / Dedicated School Employed Cleaning Team / Sick Bay / Regular Pest Control Operations / High Canteen Standards / Clean Toilets within Each Class / Regular Air-Conditioning Servicing

Ensuring Your Child's Safety

Full-Time Security Team / Locked Security Doors / Parent and Student Only Zone / Strict Student Pickup Policy / Fire & Earthquake Drills / Student Insurance

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